“Fairystories displayed in hyper-reality. Stylised landscape shots and surreal
portraits of subjects suffused in rich colour and a sci-fi quality. If David Lynch,
the Coen Brothers, and David Cronenberg ever joined forces to produce a Nordic
Noir thriller, Hedvig Larsson would surely be the outcome. Intriguing, startling,
surreal and utterly original. The most exciting up- and- coming photography icon
of the 21st century and she’s fabulously Swedish.”
– Sodium Burn Creative

“Her images have been compared with the Icelandic singer Björk. With a imagery
that is staged, melancholy and have a strong distinct Nordic sense,
Hedvig Larsson is about to break through the music- and fashion industry.”
– Fotosidan Magazine



Hedvig Larsson was born 1989 in Gothenburg, Sweden. After having dedicated
some years in painting and drawing, she started her relationship with photography
over a decade ago. She have been working as a freelance photographer ever since,
where her clients and her workplace is all over Europe. 
She have been studied at the
renowned school Fatamorgana, the Danish School 
of Art Photography, and have a
Bachelor Degree in Fine Art Photography at Camberwell 
College of Art in London.
Her work of staged photography is planned in advance to give 
the viewer a narrative
and cinematic story, with images that are created by real events or the unseen
that are taking place in her or others life.